Q & A

We care about our client and these tips are a great way to educate you, our clients, and to keep you coming back.

QUESTION: Are artificial nails safe to use?

ANSWER: In and of themselves and when applied properly, acrylic nails are safe. It is important not only to have the products applied professionally, but also that you take good care of your nails between visits. Fill ins should be done consistently and repairs should be done quickly. On a rare occasion, a customer may experience an allergic reaction, but these are dependent upon a customer's specific physical make-up. Customers who ignore lifting on a nail and do not come in for a repair may also experience a fungal infection on the nail. Should any of these occur, please contact us immediately for advice, correction or removal. It is not advisable to remove your own nail enhancements. Our staff at Kookoo are trained to ensure you receive the best treatment for your nails.

QUESTION : Can I be reassured that my nail salon is hygienic?

ANSWER: These are points that you have to observe: Is the salon and the workstation clean? Does your nail technician observe proper sanitation practices, such as cleaning between clients and sterilization of tools? Does the salon have a strong odor or a pleasant one? These points are guidelines to determine whether the salon is providing not only great nails, but a safe and pleasant experience as well. Kookoo assures you of professional and hygienic procedures.

QUESTION: What products are used in the salon?

ANSWER: Most salons use products that are for professionals only, and your nail technician should be able to explain what products she uses and why. There have been great advances in nail chemistry in the last few years, but some salons still use chemicals whose use in nail care is not recommended, especially a product called a product called Methyl Methacrylate (MMA). KooKoo NailArt & PediSpa does not use any MMA products.